How To: Do a seated yoga shoulder and chest opening sequence

Do a seated yoga shoulder and chest opening sequence

Stretching on rainy days on rainy days is a means of transforming your mood, in to a more positive one. To begin, sit on the floor. With your right leg extended and your left leg bent, with your legs creating the shape of a number 4, hold your right toe with your right hand. If you are unable to reach your right toe, you can use a strap to help you. Open you chest, by extending your left arm, looking left with your head, making a T with your upper body. You can modify the stretch, while you are in it. Now reverse it, bending backwards, extending your right hand over your head and bending back. Next, bend forward. This time, reach from the inside of your legs. Then, twist your torso. Then, reverse all of these steps to stretch the opposite side of your body.

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