How To: Do the challenging pigeon yoga pose

Do the challenging pigeon yoga pose

Learn how to do the pigeon pose designed for strengthening and opening the back. You will learn Kapotasana, or pigeon pose,
Kapotasana is one of the more intense and challenging backbends taught, but if you learn to practice properly, it doesn't have to be unpleasant to learn. Before even attempting this posture, you want to be thoroughly warmed up, and you should be competent in Ustrasana Pose and full wheel pose as well. This posture is essentially Ustrasana Pose taken one step further. You have to train yourself, "lower body strong, upper body soft." It's one of the most important principals of this posture and many other drop-back style backbends. In order to find freedom and flexibility in your chest and shoulders in particular, you have to consciously release those areas.

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