How To: Do down dog waves to open up the shoulder and back

Do down dog waves to open up the shoulder and back

The Down Dog yoga pose is so popular that people who have never done yoga before generally know what it entails. But despite how classic the move is and its practice in every yoga studio, lots of people still get the move wrong, over extending the shoulders backward.

So how do you do a Down Dog that balances your entire body and not just your abs and lower body? Watch this explanation of how to do Down Dog Waves by Sadie Nardini to find out.

These waves will open your hips, gain core strength and amplify energy!!! You'll never do your Down Dog the same way again. With Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Ultimate Wellness expert for Yoga Journal, Dr. Oz, Whole Living and more!

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