How To: Do the eagle pose in yoga for better posture

Do the eagle pose in yoga for better posture

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Shifting your weight to one leg, bend your knee while slightly lifting your other leg off the ground.

Maintain balance by holding both of your arms straight out to the sides of your body, parallel to the floor.

Pick your free leg up and wrap it around the front of your base leg, hooking the toes of your free leg around the calve of your base leg.

Bring your arms into the body and wrap one arm (the opposite one from the wrapping leg) around the other arm, with forearms pointed upward and palms together.

Sink slightly deeper into the pose by increasing the bend in your base knee.

Raise your elbows slightly while holding the arms in the wrapped position.

Hold the pose for 15-to-30 seconds. Breathe deeply both in and out while holding the pose.

Come out of the pose by unwinding your arms first, holding them out to the side to maintain balance. Unwind your legs and return to a normal standing posture. Repeat on the other side.

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