How To: Do yoga handstands with Tara Stiles

Do yoga handstands with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles shows us how to work on yoga handstands. Don't worry if you're afraid of handstands, as Tara Stiles will show us how to build slowly with tips and tricks to overcome any fears. We begin with our hands on the floor, about a foot away from a wall, and then kick your legs over and up against the wall so you re upside down. Don't worry about your form yet; this is to get comfortable with the position. When that feels comfortable, the video shows different positions to try that will build strength in your arms and your whole body. Tara Stiles also shows us other things you can do against the wall, such as walking your legs up the wall as a less scary alternative to the previous method. Next, we see Tara Stiles on a mat in the middle of a room, demonstrating how to do exercises without the wall that you can start to build into handstands. We're told about the importance of resting when you're playing around with handstands so your arms don't become too exhausted, and we're shown good resting positions for this. Finally, we're shown how to build this into routines with handstands inserted into them. You can insert just a little bit of a handstand into a routine and that way it's not such a big deal. Once you feel comfortable, you can play around and have fun.

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