How To: Increase your lung capacity with full yogic breath

Increase your lung capacity with full yogic breath

In this how to video, you will learn how to perform the full yogic breath with retention. Lengthen your spine and feel the back of the head extend towards the ceiling. Feel your shoulders move out towards the sides. Place your right hand on your abdomen and left on the chest to feel the movement of the body as you practice this. Inhale into the abdomen and feel it expand into the rib cage. Keep inhaling into the chest and collar bone. Exhale from the chest only and contract the rib cage. Lastly, exhale from the abdomen. Inhale to the abdomen, into the rib cage, and then into the chest. Exhale from the chest, rib cage, and then from the abdomen. There is an actual count to this breath. As you inhale in to the abdomen, count for four beats. As you continue to the rib cage, count for two beats. As you inhale into the chest, count for two beas. As you exhale from the chest and rib cage, count for six beats. Exhale for a count of two from the abdomen. These will all equal eight beats. You now know how to perform full yogic breath.

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