How To: Practice baby cobra pose for yoga beginners

Practice baby cobra pose for yoga beginners

This fitness how to video demonstrates beginners level cobra poses. Standing poses along with cobra poses are great for opening the muscles in the lower body. Boost your energy level in the morning with a sun salutation that incorporates the cobra pose.

Lie flat on your stomach with hands beside your chest, legs straight. Slowly raise the upper part of your body with your face towards ceiling. Try to maintain an angle of 70 degrees between the ground and the upper part of the body. Hold this position for a few seconds. Feel the stretch at your abdomen and the lower back. Concentrate on your breathing. Draw your breath in as you stretch and exhale as you come down. Slowly go back to the starting position. Repeat 3-4 times. After a few days, try to hold the stretch for as longer times. This is a yoga pose and is known to relieve back pain and work on the tummy.

Stand on a step on the front half part of your feet. Raise yourself and try to shift the weight completely on the toes. Feel the stretch on the calves. Slowly lower yourself and go slightly below the starting position and again feel the stretch on the calves. Return back to normal position. Repeat 3-4 times. This strengthens the calves.

Apart from the above there are various other techniques for various parts of the body. One is free to select the exercises one feels comfortable with. A judicious mix of these would make the body more flexible and boost the immunity.

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