How To: Practice the Shoulder Stand yoga posture

Practice the Shoulder Stand yoga posture

The Shoulder Stand Posture stretches the shoulders and neck. Learn how to do the Shoulder Stand Posture in this yoga video. To do the Shoulder Stand pose you will lie on back, extend legs toward sky, lift back off floor, and breathe properly. With this how to video you will be able to incorporate the Shoulder Stand pose into your yoga routine.

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1 Comment

Haha! The girl demonstrating the pose can't even do the posture properly! She is too fat and inflexible. She can't get her hips over her chest and her legs in line with her chest. The instructor tells her and the audience that she should lengthen up but she can't do it so the instructor just says, 'good.'
And the instructor at the beginning says that this pose brings the toxic energy from the feet to the upper body, which is true, but who wants that! That is the last thing that you want, sending toxic blood to your brain. That is why this pose should only be done by people who have a very pure lifestyle, not for all and sundry.

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