How To: Strengthen buns, abs, & thighs with Tara Stiles yoga

Strengthen buns, abs, & thighs with Tara Stiles yoga

In this video, we learn how to strengthen buns, abs, & thighs with Tara Stiles yoga. First, stretch out your body on a yoga mat, then come into a downward dog position, raising your back legs in the air. After this, come into a warrior pose, except have both of your hands straight in the air while bending the knees. From here, come into the normal warrior pose, then stretch out both sides of the body by lifting opposite hands up in the air. Next, stretch out your legs as wide as they will go, and stretch your body from side to side touching as far so you can reach to your toes. Raise your body up and then relax, do this while deep breathing and enjoy the benefits after doing three times a week.

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